The name is Kim H Nguyen. This is page is for my sore loser <3 So beware, true feelings are being expressed.

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19th September 2013


Hey Boo, i miss you.

Everyday I miss you. 

At least we have 4 more years now ! Everyday is a day closer to you. 

14th May 2013


Sometimes it feels like you love gaming more than me.

I cant believe I get soooo upset at your gaming so easily cause it seems like all your attention is on your games more than me 


I always want your god-damn attention like a little puppy. I’m also starting to use secret female-non-existing- codes and hoping you would find out what I’m thinking about. I even started to lose my temper and get mad at the stupidest things like my mother! I don’t like what I’m showing you. 

I want to put up my walls against you again. I don’t like this side of me; my true side. 

I don’t want to mess up. 

Forgive me if I start to distance myself from you, I think its truly the best for the both of us, but especially for you. If I were you, I wouldn’t be able to hold on any longer if I keep being irrational like this. 

I’m sorry. 

6th April 2013

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Creative and wordy: When I ... →


When I dream, I dream about her. And we are together. And she is mine. And I hold her, and I am enough.

When I think, I think about her. She is here, beside me. Wanting me. We are together. We touch and laugh and smile. Our skin is electric. Our connection is lasting. Our bodies fit, perfectly.

When I sigh, I sigh for her. She is the only one who knows me. Understands me. She tolerates my quirks. She is attracted to my faults. When I fail, she is there to pick me up. When I am lost, she helps me find home.

When I cry, I cry for her. The tears fall at the thought of losing this. Us. Regret is my enemy. Despair is my obstacle. Hope is my ally.

When I drink, I drink to forget the pain. The distance. The decline. I drink to forget how much I care. How much I want. How much I need.

When I fall, I fall for her. She helps me up. She holds me when I need to be held. She yells at me when I need to be yelled at. I think of her laughing and smiling and telling me everything will be OK, even when the world screams no, it will not be.

When I dream, I dream about us. About our life. About what could be. About what should be. I dream about our hands, touching. I dream about our bodies, exploring. I dream about our desire, fulfilling.

When I pause, I pause for her. For us. For our well-being. I pause for hope. I pause for desire. I pause for clarity of thought. I pause for knowledge.

When I doubt, I doubt myself. I doubt my opportunity to grow. To change. To reach out. To open up. I doubt my ability to trust myself, my heart. I doubt my ability to be honest with myself and accept my desire.

When I hope, I hope for her. For her touch. For her caress. I hope she will always be there. I hope she can see past my faults. I hope she can see past everything I hate about myself. I hope she continues to see the beauty hidden behind the wall of disdain.

When I pray, I pray for direction. For hope. For love. I pray not knowing if anyone is listening. I pray not knowing if I believe. I pray not knowing if it matters. I pray for optimism, for clarity of thought, for passion, for her.

When I love, I love for her. I love for the way she makes me feel. I love for the way she makes me think about myself. I love for her generosity and positive spirit. I love for her ability to turn me around and set me in the right direction, no matter which way I am heading. I love her always making feel like a better man than I am. 

1st April 2013

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21st March 2013


Hi Dear,

Why are you so far away? Its getting harder to cope without you on a daily basis. I’m truly obsessed with you. 

I would rather talk to you till my ears fall off than say good-bye to you on the phone. I know its bad, but your voice is truly my favourite sound. 

The way we talk about the future, makes the wait much harder, cause all I want to do is to actually make those dreams come true. 

I just miss you so much. I hate it most of the time. 

I am even starting to make fights with you cause of how frustrated I am that you’re not here with me. 

I just miss you. I’m so numb from this pain of missing you. 

There is just one more month, yet it still feels like forever. 

28th February 2013


You asked for it; Careful, its cheesy!

Well boyfriend wanted me to update this so badly, i guess i have to! 

Well I guess this is a good time to start reflecting back on our times or just rant… 

We have actually started to argue and fight with each other. I am honestly still shaken a little and scared that it might get out of hand one day. But before, we were kinda known as the weird couple since we never really fought for a while. BUT NOW WE ARE NORMAL . I dont see why its normal, but I guess ‘love’ was never normal. 

I JUST REALIZED YOUR BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP AND I’M MISSING IT AGAIN! I hate how I miss every important date for you, just cause of my parents or cause my school is too far away from you. I wish I was there to celebrate it with you again, like I did on your 18th. You’re so old! =p 

I get so addicted talking to you, even though I talk to you on the phone on a daily basis,text you, and even fb you. I just adore being with you. I would rather talk with you or be with you than do anything. Man, now I sound so clingy and dependent. I honestly never wanted to be like that, but now, I dont mind anymore. 

But even though we are never there physically with each other, we still somehow celebrate verbally on a daily basis. I know it sounds cheesy and everything, but I honestly do love you, hands down. I have literally exposed every cell on my whole well being to you and even though I’m terrified, I’m still willing to keep myself open and always welcome you in. I don’t know what I would do without you and I really hope I never ever get to experience that feeling ever. 

I really do believe we are one of those first loves that will always continue to grow and we will be together till our time on this Earth is over. 

You are the best thing that could every be mine. I cherish you so dearly and I adore you so much. Thank you for just being with me, staying with me, and for falling for me. You have make life so much better to live through. 

7th December 2012

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So relatable :)


So relatable :)

21st November 2012


Damn it.

We’re starting to bicker so much. You keep pointing out all my flaws and you know how to make me easily upset. I hate it when we bicker and when we do, I just want to go crazy and do anything I can to run away from it.

Im scared.

19th November 2012

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19th November 2012



There is honestly no words to describe how thankful and grateful to have you in my life. You are just simply amazing and important to me. I still can’t believe 2 years flew by and you still haven’t left my sad, weird side.

You have truly made life worth living for and I’m sure as heck that you’ll always have a special spot in my heart.

I’m still scared you’ll leave me one day though.

I love you. That’s basically all I can say. Oh! And thank you <3

Happy 2 years.

11th October 2012


Little Secret.

I love making you jealous. Ironically I used to hate easily-jealous boyfriends.. but you made it adorable. 

Even though you get jealous about everything, its still so cute.

Theres just nothing really I don’t like about you.

Maybe just your gaming =_=.

11th October 2012

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10th October 2012


Damn. I strongly apologize so much my dear.

I regret all the times I ever let go of your hand whenever I was with you.
Like those times I would pretend I was mad, or to put my books in my lockers.
I should of never let your hand go.

I should of took advantage of all the times I could of went to visit you or see you, but I didn’t go cause I was lazy or it was too cold.
I should of went to see you.

I am sorry for any of those times I made you mad or sad cause of how much of a jerk I am.
My main goal is to make you happy.

I should of talked more and laughed more but I didnt know that time would pass by so quickly. I’m sorry for being too shy or think that your humor is dry cause now I can’t do that with you.

"You never realize what you have till its gone"
I should of done all those things with you instead of taking advantage of them.

I promise I won’t do that anymore.

9th October 2012


I miss you

I miss you doesnt even explain how much I yearn for you.

Your traces are even fading away. I forgot what its like to hug you, kiss you, how you smell, how your skin feels, how your muscles tighten, your breath, just every single goddamn thing about you. You’re fading away

Now I’m not sad or hurt anymore, I just feel numb. It seems like I only feel alive when I’m physically with you.

I”m already overly emotionally and spiritually with you but it still doesnt feel enough. Yeah i’m selfish but I cant help it.

Even though we have upgraded from talking to each other on msn to on the phone, its still not freaking enough.

I cant wait to be with you.

9th July 2012


You have no idea what you have made me become.

I am utterly scared you are going to leave me when I leave.

I am becoming easily jealous because I selfishly want you myself.

I’m scared.

You have become too important to me.